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The Firestone’s Force

We take pride in our skilled and passionate staff.


Kimball Firestone, Owner

Kathy Wasley, Business Manager

Chris Tereyla, General Manager

Andrew Mayer, Executive Chef


Kimball Firestone, Owner

Kim relishes the challenge of bringing people together to achieve a common vision. He discovered the food service industry was to his taste in 1993, after he bought a sandwich and frozen yogurt shop. Fourteen years ago, he acquired the beautiful old Shipley Department Store building in Frederick’s Historic District. Firestone’s Culinary Tavern and the Market on Market were born. Kim is tremendously proud of his thriving businesses.


Kim believes Firestone’s success is inseparable from the hard work of the Firestone staff. Whether settling in for a full course meal, dropping in for a sandwich, or socializing over drinks with friends, patrons of the Tavern are welcome and well tended. Making people happy gives Kim satisfaction in his work.

What else makes Kim happy?

“One of my favorite things is to grow tomatoes and basil in the summer. I love the outdoors and working with my hands. It is both productive and therapeutic.”

*Kim blogs at http://whatkimeats.wordpress.com/ *


Kathy Wasley,  Business Manager

Kathy brings her eye for quality to Firestone’s. As business manager, Kathy maintains the routines that keep the Tavern running smoothly. Daily meetings with the management staff form a keystone of Kathy’s schedule. She ensures that customer service standards are met and keeps the business connected to Frederick’s community.


Firestone’s excellence is achieved by the caliber of its professional staff. Kathy believes that the Firestone team works and thinks creatively without prompting. She encourages everyone to follow their experience and instincts. This philosophy is integral to The Tavern’s past growth and future promise. Kathy finds this outlook key to pleasing customers and retaining excellent employees.




Chris Tereyla, General Manager

It sounds simple: Every customer deserves a memorable experience.

Yet it takes Chris’s high standards and unfailing energy to transform all the pieces of Firestone’s Tavern into its polished whole.

A Frederick native, the General Manager has previously worked all of the restaurant postitions he oversees. Chris brings experience, rapport and clout to a difficult job. He trains all wait and bar staff. Thanks to Chris, servers are well qualified to suggest food and wine pairings.  Firestone’s General Manager has been instrumental in curating the Tavern’s award-winning wine list, eclectic whiskey menu, diverse beer choices and special seasonal cocktails.


What does the man who could recite the menu in his sleep recommend?

“The Cowboy Steak is my go-to dinner and it’s incredible. The quality and cut of the steak is superb. Combined with the gorgonzola butter and our shoestring potatoes, it makes for an awesome meal.”



  Executive Chef, Andrew Mayers

Chef AndrewA takes joy in facing everyday creative challenges. Using fresh, available ingredients in unique combinations is his passion. He finds the Tavern is a rewarding place to craft new dishes. He adds ‘verbal specials,’ (word of mouth recommendations made by Firestone’s servers) as well as new menu additions multiple times a week.

Chef Andrew works to execute perfect basic cooking technique. By finding the fun in striving for perfection, he continues to create great food and make Tavern diners happy. Andrew extends this philosophy to Firestone’s hard-working kitchen, and considers his happy, well-trained staff a point of pride. He trained at the Culinary Institute of America from 2006-2007. Andrew Mayers also brings years of top-tier restaurant and catering experience to his work. His influences range from New-Orleans style to Pan-Asian to fresh seafood preparation. Executive Chef Andrew”s knowledge, commitment, and laid-back presence continue to form the dining experience that is Firestone’s Culinary Tavern.

What does Chef Andrew consider an underrated vegetable?

Leeks. Leeks are an oniony root vegetable, but when you cook them down with cream it brings out a unique sweetness that surprises a lot of people.”

Intrigued? Try it!

Creamed leeks make an appearance on the Tavern’s full hanger steak entree

alongside marble potatoes, pickled root vegetables and red pepper.

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