Andrew Mayers

Executive Chef


Chef Andrew “Drew” Mayers has been part of Firestone’s Culinary Tavern since he was a teenager. A true “started from the bottom” story, when his brother wanted to quit his food running position here, Andrew arrived in his place and asked for the job. That was in 2002. He was 15 years old. Chef Drew showed an early interest in classical cooking techniques. After gaining early experience here,he left us to pursue his formal education at Baltimore International College where he graduated with a Culinary Arts degree. Over the next couple of years, Chef Andrew studied a wide variety of cuisines, from classical French and Italian to the local styles of the American mid-west and south.

He returned to Firestone’s and continued to hone his skills. Years of experience, training and unrelenting dedication to perfection allow Chef Andrew to lead his team in giving guests a memorable dining experience.

His mantra: “Every plate. Every time.”

What does he enjoy most about life in the kitchen? Being part of a team working to create amazing dishes . . . and he does!